My Bags are Packed

12:25 PM

I have some finished projects!!  Zipper Pouch... Weekender Bag...

Zipper Pouch - First my kids were invited to a birthday.  It was a BOY's birthday.  I enjoy sewing things for kids but I always think that it is more challenging when it comes to boys.  At least for me.  I thought that it would be fun to make a zipper bag because I have recently been practicing my zipper skills.  So here is some pics of that little bag (plus two extra for my kiddos).  PS - I made it from this tutorial - love this awesome bag and very impressed by her sewing skills!

The Weekender - So now for my most exciting finished project.  I was checking out a few other blogs where I found this lovely bag.  It is Amy Butler's Weekender bag pattern.  I came across it a few months ago but because I was still a little bit sad and out of sorts at that point, I just thought it was cute but didn't give a second thought. Then I saw it again recently on another site.  I thought with the upcoming trip that it would be perfect project now.  Also, my best bud was going on a trip too so that called for a group project.  I won't bore ya with too much more other than it was TUFFFFFF to sew the constructed panels together.  We are talking Duck Cloth, Piping, Batting, Main Panels, Pocket Panels, LOTS of LAYERS of FABRIC.  I can't even tell you how many times I poked my little fingers.  There was even a point where a needle when in between the nail and finger and there was blood a few times so this bag had a little spot treatment.

Anyway, it is finished.  We modified the pattern with extras.  It is outfitted with magnetic clasps, adjustable straps, inner elastic pockets, inner zip pocket, quilted panels, purse feet, exposed zipper, and oddly enough shorter handles :).  It feels great to have this one finished and checked off the to do list.  The to do list is getting a little backed up here in this house.  Just FYI - I am not going to have a finished dress (in previous post).  I have two apparel projects that are unfinished now.  When things don't work out I just put them to the side until I can later figure it out or never ;)  I think the clothes thing will work out eventually.

(I have my boots for Texas and now I have my bag! :)0)

(Magnetic Clasp)

(Shorter Straps and Quilted Panels)

(Weekender Bag)

(my Most Favorite Print, and tons of cherished scraps)

Well, I have to include a little about the fabric.  I'm in love with all the scraps in this bag.  They remind me of the projects that I have been able to do over the last little bit.  Also the bag reminds me of things that I have learned over the last few years, which helped me make this bag.  Where a few years ago wouldn't have looked as good finished.  I also did an ode to Amy Butler herself which I felt was very appropriate in the green on the top, it is the green fabric and she is the one that designed the pattern.  A bright leaf Green is one of my favorite colors and mixed with all of the color shades that I love, you can't go wrong.  This was a labor of love taking up a few days and nights but it made it more fun to do it with a couple of friends involved.  If you ever want to make one I suggest making one with a buddy because it makes the whole process sweeter (and then you don't feel alone when you are cussing and bleeding).

Now I just need to literally pack my bags but I got a few days to work all that in.

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  1. Oh so jealous! Your weekender is soooo stinking cute! I have seen Amy Butler's pattern, but I love all the different fabrics and the quilting of the squares you did with it.
    PS Digging the outfit. I have a pair of boots just like it that are teal that are my favorite. I might have to try with a ruffle skirt & leggings. It gets interesting when I have to rely on 2 boys & the Cowboy for fashion sense. Hahaha

  2. That bag is amazing! It looks wonderful. I love the little kid bags too. So cute!