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2012 sure has a good ring to it.  I wasn't sure I wanted to, but now I am thinking that I do...  I want to write somethings I would like to delve into this year.  So here gos...

I still want to try new things but more than that I want to keep up with the things I have found that I really enjoy.  So I guess I am happy with what I got going. (check)

I want to make more large quilts.  I'm talking bed quilts just for the heck of it. (check, made four king, made four queen, made two laps... I don't know if they count)

I want to be creative and come up with some different quilting patterns of my own.  I also want to keep crossing blocks off my list so that too.  I really really am going try to see what I can come up with.  I am going to dig deep deep.  I am so structured and in a box and I would love to just get a little crazy :) (check, made 15+ patterns)

I want to push my creative abilities.  I feel like that one should have a lot of !!!!! (check, I had no idea what I had inside and it is unbelievable to me.  I just am so grateful for all the support I have had from EVERYONE that loves me.  I appreciate them so much because when things got discouraging they helped me keep going.)

Looking forward to an easy no stress year.  So appreciating the less stress.  We are paying off a few big things at the end or maybe the beginning of next year and for some funny reason it just feels so close and it brings a smile to me.  Yay for less stress!!  Gotta love working hard :) (not quite, It was not really a less stress year... With my dad passing away, things were all but not stressful.  We are still on course for working hard though.)

Not much with the kids.  We are always playing and loving them and so pretty much same old same old. (check, We love them.)

Hopefully getting some date nights thrown in there.  We are having fun hanging out with each other especially without the two crazies talking in the back ground.  Nothing too special but just fun stuff, cause that's what we do. (not quite, We had a few good days thrown in there but we could greatly improve in this area.)

Well, that isn't too bad and the last one is to make my house a little bit more clean now that the kids are getting bigger.  Also, I need to make the house a little more simple.  Luckily I have some stuff to pass on that the kids are grown from.  There might be some stuff I have grown from too.  We might be here a little longer and we are reaching our full capacity.  So I would like to simplify our home. (not quite, We could definitley continue to work in this area and I haven't much helped this year by adding some big additions.  I don't think it is in our near future that this will be helped, lol.)

Yep, that's the list.  It is totally doable.  Maybe I should have made it harder?? (amazing list and I will try my best to make a great one for 2013)

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  1. Why make it harder? haha. I like things easy. It sounds like you're going to have a good year!

  2. Thank you. I agree. I think that it sounds hard enough or easy enough probably right in the middle. I am excited for this year. I love the new beginnings. I just think that it gives me a chance to have some clear focus.